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Applying for an MBA and feeling overwhelmed? Where are you stuck?

  • "Which MBA programs should I target?"
    Reading through the websites, all business schools start to sound alike. What's the difference between Harvard and Stanford? Or Wharton and Columbia and Chicago? Is Duke better than Cornell? What's the right number of schools to target? Should you use Haas as your safety school? Get direct, honest, and detailed answers tailored to your personal circumstances and preferences in a GET PRIMED! School Selection session.
  • "Do I have a chance to get in?"
    What are the schools really looking for? Is your GMAT score good enough? What about your GPA? If not, are there other strategies to pursue besides retesting? Find out how you can maximize the various elements of your background and your profile in a GET PRIMED! Profile Strategy session.
  • "I want to go to Harvard [or Stanford, or Wharton, or…]. What do I need to do?"
    You're in love with a certain business school… and you know how competitive it is to get in. How will the admissions committee perceive your background? How do they weight the different elements of your profile — the GMAT, GPA, work history? What about volunteer experience? Which round should you apply in? We have plenty of time before the deadlines — and you will use that time best if you get started on admissions consulting NOW. This is true for any school, but most definitely for the Top 10 (HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, MIT, Columbia, NYU, Tuck...). Maximize your chances for a winning MBA application with PRIME for MBA COMPLETE.
PRIME for MBA® isn't just focused on helping you get accepted by the MBA program of your dreams. PRIME for MBA will also help you build skills in writing and presentation that will serve you well now, through business school, and into your future career. See what's available and get started today!.

Read about the proprietary PRIME for MBA Admissions Consulting process and discover how our methods have helped countless other applicants just like you get into the bschool of their dreams.
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"Great news--I got into Harvard today! Thank you again so much for everything. This would not have happened without you!"
Class of 2015 HBS MBA student