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The MBA admissions committee has five main tools to evaluate you by:

  1. Your GMAT / GRE score shows whether you have the essential math and analytical skills to make it through their very challenging curriculum.
  2. Your GPA shows whether you take school seriously.
  3. Your recommendations show how you're a leader, and a team player.
  4. Your essays show your level of emotional intelligence, and whether you'll be able to communicate your ideas to your peers.
  5. Your interview shows how you present yourself in a professional setting.
Do all five present the
strongest picture that they can?

We analyze every angle with you.

Everyone has weaknesses in their profile. Do you know what yours are — and what to do about them?

Our philosophy is Realistic Ambition. We work with you to identify the best match schools based on your career goals, personal preferences, and the facts of your profile.


If you choose PRIME for MBA COMPLETE or UNLIMITED, your consultant will help you leverage your unique professional background and life experience to maximize the positive (or neutralize the negative) factors of your GMAT scores and grades. And, your consultant will work with you through multiple iterations of your essays and resume, to make sure you are communicating what you should be, as clearly as you should be.

Building Skills, Building Your Strategy

The MBA application is essentially a marketing vehicle. PRIME for MBA COMPLETE focuses on the key elements that can make or break your chance of getting an offer from your target school:

  • content
  • presentation
  • clarity
We do this primarily through essay critiques and presentation coaching (also known as interview prep).

How It Works

The PRIME for MBA COMPLETE process is simple: Three main steps.

  • Your PRIME for MBA COMPLETE engagement begins with the Profile Strategy Session. This is an open-ended phone call where you will get all your questions answered by your PRIME Admissions Expert. These calls typically take over an hour but there is no time limit.

    In the Profile Strategy Session, we'll cover:

    • career goals - why do you need an MBA?
    • success stories - what are the high points of your career to date?
    • weaknesses - where do you need to improve?
    • school fit - what are you looking for in an MBA program?
    You'll get an understanding of the entirety of the PRIME process through this first call, too, and will know what to expect on all the next steps and our stage-gate method.

  • Next is your formal PRIME Assessment. PRIME for MBA will review all aspects of your candidacy in light of the schools that you're targeting -- even ones that you might be working on independently, outside of our consulting engagement. We'll give you insights on your positioning and offer an analysis of your profile in the context of what each of those schools specifically responds to in a candidate. You'll get a detailed written report that covers the PRIME Dimensions, which are the facets of success that we see successful candidates take advantage of. You'll understand what weaknesses need to be offset and which strengths to highlight. Your PRIME Assessment can guide you through each stage of your process, from essays to recommendations to the resume and the interview.

  • Then we help you implement your strategy. First we'll have an Essay Strategy Call where you'll learn the best approach for the specific essay questions that your school is asking. Then you'll get to work! The bulk of your engagement will involve writing the admissions essays — which means, you will do a lot of writing! Good essays are developed through iteration, and any accomplished author can tell you, doing lots of writing is the only way to become a better writer.

    Your PRIME for MBA consultant will help you:

    • Overcome writer's block - never stare at a blank screen again
    • Tell your stories effectively - leverage proven methods to structure your accomplishments with impact
    • Focus on what matters - cut out the irrelevant and focus on the essentials
    Your PRIME for MBA consultant will offer tips, techniques, and best practices for developing the strongest essays you can for each school. This starts with outlines, and then four rounds of revision on every essay. It will be a workout!

Iterations and assessments

After your essays have taken shape, your PRIME for MBA consultant will step back and do a holistic review from the adcom's perspective. You'll get our honest evaluation in a concise Go/No-Go Review. While we offer our expert opinion to you at each step of the way, including an answer to the "What are my chances?" question at the very beginning, it's impossible to fully assess likely outcomes until after your theme and messaging are developed in the essays. At the Go/No-Go Review, you'll know whether you can move forward with confidence—and it gives you the opportunity to pivot. The best leaders know when to switch strategies, and the proprietary PRIME for MBA process lets you maximize your chances. Clients may switch their COMPLETE consulting package to a new target school for the steeply-discounted price of $500 at this stage if they choose.

A coach and an ally

Going for a top-tier MBA is not for the faint of heart. Be ready to get to work when you sign up for a PRIME for MBA consulting engagement. Your PRIME for MBA consultant will offer advice and give you direction, and serve as a trusted advisor every step of the way.

The admissions committees have high standards, and it's up to you to meet them. With our help, you'll have every advantage in making that happen. Contact PRIME for MBA at (855) 281-8383, or send an email to to find out more.
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