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Over the past five years, over 75% of our clients have been accepted by a program of their choice. We use our extensive knowledge of the different schools and programs to guide clients to those that are the best fit. If you really want to get an MBA at the best school that you can get into, you owe it to yourself to go with a consultant who knows the landscape and can steer you in the right direction.

Our tally of winning applications numbers in the hundreds. PRIME for MBA is a small company. We carefully manage our consultants' caseload in order to maintain the proper level of service we require for each engagement. We do not have thousands of clients. We only accept you as a client if we honestly feel we can help you achieve your goals. We are interested in quality, not quantity.

We're especially strong with reapplicants. 100% of our clients who had tried unsuccessfully to get into business school on their own have been able to get an offer to a great MBA program by working with us. (See below for one success story.) A great way to start evaluating your candidacy to plan out your reapplications is with the Profile Review and Strategy Session.


What's different about what we do? We focus on two primary angles:

  • We make sure you're aiming appropriately.
    For many clients, this actually means adjusting higher. We evaluate your profile against our experience with similar candidates—from years of working with such applicants and our extensive knowledgebase of how the schools react to different profiles. Often, we are able to suggest that clients aim at a better school than they had in mind. And, through our unique Go/No-Go Review that comes halfway through the essay development cycle, if we determine that your messaging isn't shaping up strong enough for the school you're targeting, you can pivot and redirect your efforts towards a different MBA program where you'll have a better chance.
  • We help you present as effectively as possible.
    Every year, we have people come to us with great profiles—but when they tried to get in on their own, they didn't make it. This reinforces the fact that writing essays doesn't come naturally to most people. It's a unique type of writing, and it's just not a skill that many have developed. Whether your GMAT score and your GPA are through the roof, or you've got weaknesses in those areas, the essays are proprietary process will guide you to the strongest articulation of your background and goals possible—and that's what the schools respond to.
The bottom line with PRIME for MBA? We're HONEST. And we know what we're talking about when it comes to MBA admissions. Let us help you get in. We want you to be one of our success stories!
About 8,350 seats are available at the Top 10 U.S. business schools — and they typically receive over 75,000 applications for those spots. The total universe of competition is even larger: around 265,000 GMAT tests are taken each year1. Yes, many people take the GMAT multiple times, but still… for someone interested in an MBA, these are daunting statistics.

1Profile of GMAT Candidates 2005-2010 Five-Year Summary
Graduate Management Admission Council

"Good news, I got accepted to Wharton today."
Client who was also admitted to HBS

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have been accepted to:

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From a member of the Columbia Business School Class of 2017

"Lisa was incredibly helpful in allowing me to successfully apply to business school. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the different schools and programs which allows her to judge your case from the perspective of the relevant admissions committee.

The exercises she made me do at the start of the process made a huge difference in showing me what was relevant and important to express on my applications, most of which was not necessarily apparent to me prior to working with her. She also helped a lot with the crucial element of showing me how to present my case in the correct way. She gave me a deservedly hard time during the essay editing process, but she was able to do so in a way that made me realise why I was writing what I was.

Thank you for all of your help Lisa, I couldn't have done it without you!"

Congratulations on getting in to your #1 choice.

Some honest feedback from a Class of 2016 admit:

"To say I would have been lost at sea without Lisa and PRIME for MBA's help is an understatement. I was extremely unfamiliar with how the b-school application process even worked, but over an initial consultancy call, Lisa explained everything with great clarity while she also gave me an honest and realistic assessment about which schools I should be targeting based on my profile and what I was hoping to get out of b-school. She helped put together a game plan that would highlight some of the better aspects of my unorthodox background, while simultaneously making up for some of my deficiencies.

"I then started the PRIME for MBA process, which while at times frustrating, made a big difference to the quality of the final essays I produced. Lisa really came into her own during the editing process. My first drafts were simply not good enough, and Lisa refused to sign off on what I had written. I went back to the drawing board and eventually produced a much better final product that Lisa was much happier with. I was finally accepted to the only school I applied to, and without Lisa's help I am not sure that this would have been possible. I cannot recommend her services highly enough."

Here's another success story from the 2013/14 admissions season

"For me, I knew I wanted to target a top ten MBA program to best achieve my career goals and as with any other applicant, the stats and profiles I read online were daunting. I went into the application process stressed and often times confused but through it all, Lisa was a great listener and an incredible resource and coach. My first strategy-session phonecall helped put my mind at a little ease with regards to my profile as Lisa highlighted certain characteristics, experiences, and achievements I would have otherwise probably overlooked.

"The Prime For MBA process is very well structured, expectations for deliverables are set beforehand, and it provides candidates with the “tough love” and discipline needed at each step of the application process. Lisa’s essay feedback was probably the most instrumental to my success as I felt that my essays definitely ended up being the strongest component of my application. She provided spot-on insights on content, style, syntax etc to help cut out any extraneous wording (crucial given the tight word limits) and guided me on how to most effectively to portray my work achievements and school interactions. I was also a big fan of the limited essay drafts that the Prime for MBA process demands – it is very easy to get carried away and edit and re-edit essays – the limit on how many iterations one can submit really helps you focus on putting forward your best material in a concise manner.

"Together with the detailed yet tailored profile assessments, Go/No-Go review, resume edits, and mock interview practice, the entire process was remarkably effective and invaluable. Lisa was very prompt and friendly in answering any and all questions I had throughout the process and she also made sure to deliver on materials by the promised due date. I had a great experience working with her and Prime For MBA and couldn’t be more thankful for getting into my top choice school!"

We have experience with non-traditional candidates

"Before I came to Prime for MBA, I was directionless concerning my essays, and had no idea how to create a clear message about myself for the admissions committees. Lisa helped me to take my stories, and accomplishments, and put them in a clear and concise narrative. As a farmer, I come from a non-traditional background, to say the least, so communicating through my essays in a manner with which the admissions committees could relate was an especially bold task. Lisa guided me through this process, and helped me to present my professional and personal backgrounds in a compelling manner. Essentially, Lisa helped me to put my story into the spotlight where it could shine (and don't worry: platitudes and cliche's like the previous sentence are always highlighted and cleaned up during the essay-writing process! :))

I would call the Prime for MBA process a holistic one, and would liken Lisa to a life-coach, not just an MBA admissions consultant. Not only did she help me to get into the top-10 school of my choice, but she gave me direction regarding my future beyond the MBA. Lisa has an incredible knack for helping prospective students to envision a future that takes full advantage of your background. For that, I will be continually grateful.

One of my favorite quotes from Lisa about the MBA application process is that it "is bigger than a breadbox". That really struck me to be true. Prior to working with Lisa, I believed that I could just hammer out some essays, update the resume', and be done with it. The offers, I thought, would pile in. While that may be true for some exceptional people, I now realize how naive that approach is, and I understand how important it is to work with someone who can point out the inconsistencies in your application. Lisa helps you to present the best you. There are so many steps in the process, and that is what makes it very difficult to do an excellent job on each one all by yourself. That's where Lisa comes in - she helps you to link the steps together and make sure that there is a logical, consistent narrative that links all of the steps together. From Letters of Recommendation, to Resume', to essays, to interviews, the Prime for MBA process guides you and makes sure that you relate the most important and relevant information to the adcoms.

I feel so fortunate to have learned about the Prime for MBA process and Lisa. I would recommend the Prime for MBA process to any prospective MBA student, knowing that he or she would reap huge rewards from this work."
Yes, you read that right: He was a FARMER before deciding to get his MBA! This is one of our favorite success stories of all time. Thank you for making my job so enjoyable, and best of luck in this next phase of your life - I'm certain you'll do great things!


We also worked with a JD/MBA candidate who pulled off a big win

"Composing essays was, to me, the most intimidating part of the business school application process. I had little sense of how to approach the open-ended questions and had trouble thinking of essay ideas that would make my story stand out. I chose Lisa on the strength of multiple personal reference checks I conducted, and she did not disappoint. She helped assess my odds at several top schools, formulate an efficient application strategy, and hone the key messages I would convey in all of my applications. Lisa guided me through revision after revision with straightforward assessments of my essays' strengths and weaknesses. She was also extremely responsive over email whenever I had questions about the process. After completing one application with Lisa's help, I moved onto the next one with far more confidence. Applying to business school was a lot of work, but Lisa made sure I spent my time wisely."

His results? Accepted to Columbia, Wharton and Yale.

We have a special knack for reapplicants:

"Working full-time and applying to business school can be a daunting task. For me, I felt added stress because my background is non-traditional, and I was not entirely satisfied with my GMAT scores. Prime for MBA broke down the process in a manageable way. Lisa made a careful assessment of my profile and provided insight into how to best position my applications, allowing me to better evaluate how to portray my strengths and compensate for weak spots.

The assessment process, resume support, and the interview preparation are exceptional, but the most valuable support is the essay guidance. Prime for MBA provides a structured approach with powerful feedback. Lisa's essay commentary is direct, thoughtful, and brutally honest. Upon reflecting on her comments, I was able to transform my writing from rough sketches into compelling essays.

I applied to business school two years ago and did not get in. This fall I am heading to my first choice school.

Months after submitting my application, I met an admissions representative at a weekend event. The representative looked at my name tag and said, "I remember YOUR first essay." If you are willing to accept feedback and work incredibly hard, I can promise this fact: you will get your money's worth with Lisa."

She worked hard for it! Congrats again!

One client found special value in the Prime for MBA process.

"Despite having spent significant time researching the schools I was interested in, when it came time to put pen to paper, I realized that I had barely glanced at the actual applications. I was surprised to find that each school offered little real estate to paint a picture of my candidacy, and though I considered myself to be a decent writer, it was immediately clear that my long-winded style would prevent me from emphasizing all points necessary to build a compelling application. Beyond that, I wasn't even sure what the important points should be; you always here that leadership matters, that teamwork matters, but, as I learned while trying to define myself on paper, they are complicated words that can take many shapes.

By the time I started working with Lisa, I had a rough idea of the stories I would tell, but I found she was essential in cutting through each narrative and pushing me to highlight specific aspects of my personality and career that would most resonate with the admissions committee. She was very familiar with each school's philosophy, so while I was lucky to use the same stories for each school, her knowledge allowed me to make very tailored pivots accordingly. Though she sent me to write my essays without any supervision, she was quite vocal in pointing out wasted space that needed streamlining and understated moments that needed greater attention. On a more macro-level, she often would make me consider my application as a single entity which often revealed how I sometimes would convey identical messages in different sections of the application — also known as: wasted space. In order to present a vivid and compelling picture to the admissions committee, each point needs to be comprehensive, yet succinct, and there needs to be a lot of them. Without Lisa's help, I feel that I would have written nice sounding essays that ultimately repeated the same idea or two over and over and over.

More broadly, I found the PrimeForMBA process to be a great tool given my long work days. It kept me on a schedule of sorts, so I would regularly do work rather than saving it for the deadline, and it also prevented me from rushing off and writing about the first thing that came to mind. Additionally, I found that early brainstorming exercises gave me an arsenal of material, so that when it came time to write, I could hit the ground running. The hardest part about each application is identifying the angles of attack and clearly executing on them; I found that by working with Lisa, and following the PrimeForMBA process, I had a greater ability to maintain precision in places where it is natural to lose focus."

We had the pleasure of working with another high-performing candidate too:

"When I began applying to business schools, I was initially overwhelmed with how difficult the process was relative to what I remembered the college process had been. The essay questions were more open-ended, and more challenging and it was clear from the onset that it would be more difficult to differentiate myself from other applicants with similar finance/investment banking backgrounds. This is where Lisa and Prime for MBA were incredibly helpful. In the initial days of the process, following the Prime for MBA steps forced me to define my career goals, outline the strengths and weaknesses of my story and professional experience, as well as understand why I was applying to the schools I was applying to, even before I had read the essay questions. After multiple revisions of these outlines, it then became easier for me to present myself and answer the essay questions in a way in which my personality and story really came through.

Lisa, specifically, was an indispensable part of the process for me. Not only were her thorough revisions critical to my developing my story and clearly defining my career aspirations, but her honest perspective on what each school was looking for, how I would fit in, and the quality of the essays I was putting together, really enabled me to take my application to the next level. Her wholesale advice from beginning to end, including the mock interview prep going into my interviews were tailored to me and my application which made her advice truly invaluable."

He was accepted by both programs he applied to - both GREAT schools.

Here's another story.

Karie had a challenging profile.
Karie had a very low GPA: only a 2.9, and that was in a Fine Arts major. Little exposure to any business concepts beyond an economics class or two. Her GMAT was only 570, and she started her admissions consulting in late fall, so she only had time to take the test once before round 2 deadlines. However, she presented an interesting background. She was a bootstrapping entrepreneur, with great stories of taking the initiative and having an impact. She did things like build community gardens and construct an artists' collective.

Outcomes? Two years later (in May 2011), this is what she says:
"MBA school has been so great! The best decision ever. I have 4 more weeks before I graduate, but I'm finishing up my team capstone project--today! It's for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. In the meantime this company hired me for the summer it's pretty interesting and I'll work on business strategy projects […]

"By the way, remember all the writing we did together? That process has helped me so much over the last two years, clear writing, clear focus. The whole [PRIME for MBA process]. So simple, so effective.

"I'll send you updates when I get them."
It's true that Karie didn't end up in a Top 20 school… but she ended up in the school that was perfect for her. And she gained much through the PRIME for MBA admissions consulting process.

We are committed to helping our clients get into the schools that are perfect for them. More often than not, this is a top-ranked, best-of-the-best MBA program. We always aim as high as we can with our clients. We call this practical ambition. We know that more opportunities are available to graduates of the best schools, and we will work with you to maximize your chances of success.
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