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Purchase any package that includes essay critiques, and if you're invited to interview at that school, we'll help you get ready for FREE!

  • a 1-hour telephone consultation about anything you need to know - you drive the conversation
  • full critique of one school's essays (up to 4 essays for a single school, each no more than 150 words overlimit, <2,300 words inclusive)
  • essay recheck to make sure you fixed the issues (draft 2s of the same essays)
  • BONUS: FREE INTERVIEW PREP! If you're invited to interview at this school, we'll help you get ready for free
price: $1,595


An affordable way to get critical advice and recommendations!

The SCHOOL SELECTION SESSION is the easiest way to break through the overwhelm about your MBA choices and start to get some answers. A PRIME for MBA® admissions expert will spend 30 minutes with you on the phone, answering your questions about the MBA programs you're interested in, suggesting others you may not have considered, and offering practical tips for how you can continue your research and narrow down your list. Get a valuable head start on establishing the foundation for your applications this year by getting input on which schools are ideal targets for you.
price: $95


Get all your questions answered! We offer an UNLIMITED DURATION single-session phone call to discuss strategy! One of our admissions experts will review your profile and help you plan your attack. Stay on the phone for as long as you need — this is an untimed phone call! Regardless of how many questions as you have, you'll get all of them answered during this extended phone consult. Your PRIME for MBA® admissions expert will go through your background and analyze your chances at the schools you're interested in. You will discuss your target schools and learn what you need to do to have a chance at them. Your PRIME for MBA® admissions expert will give you straight advice on your application — without watching the clock! And, you can submit reasonable follow-up questions via email at no additional charge.

If you decide to later purchase the COMPLETE or UNLIMITED package, the full price of your PROFILE STRATEGY SESSION will be applied towards the cost.

price: $295


You've worked hard, your application is done… but is it really ready? Find out if you have a chance - before you submit! PRIME GO/NO-GO is an expert review of all components of your finished application, from the perspective of the admissions committee. You'll get a full report on how your positioning may be perceived by the adcom, a list of potential red flags, and a thumbs-up or thumbs-down recommendation on whether your application has a good chance of succeeding at the target school.

GO/NO-GO is perfect for if you:

  • Are a do-it-yourself type yet you know that an expert's opinion can be invaluable
  • Want a second opinion to double-check advice received from other sources
  • Are simply suffering from a lot of self-doubt and would appreciate confirmation that you're on the right track
In order to take full advantage of the results of your PRIME GO/NO-GO, it is recommended to submit your materials for review no later than two weeks before the application deadline. Rush requests will be accommodated on an as-available basis.

price: $495


How can we help? You tell US. You call the shots with an hourly engagement. Hours may be purchased one at a time; existing clients qualify for a discount when purchased in a bundle (please contact your consultant for details). Buy just what you need. no minimum purchase! PRIME HOURLY is perfect for:

  • telephone consultations - one or more, as often as you need
  • school selection - validate your list of schools and get recommendations for others to consider
  • essay brainstorming - talk through your ideas on what to write about
  • essays for multiple schools - inexpensive support on several applications
  • resume review - get detailed suggestions on how to portray your career history
  • sanity check - are you headed in the right direction with your overall approach?
Time is tracked in 10-minute increments. Basic emailed questions and general support are typically not charged against the purchased hours. You will know in advance what consulting activities your account will be billed for. We don't like nickel-and-diming our clients.

price: $360/hour


Our most popular package! End-to-end, comprehensive MBA admissions consulting

  • Develop a strategy - then implement it. Identify your theme and learn how to best express it through one-on-one coaching
  • Extensive support on every aspect of your application: essays, resume, letters of recommendation, interviews
  • Proprietary and proven PRIME for MBA® methodology helps you develop your theme and deliver the most compelling essays you possibly can
What you get: THE TANGIBLES

Throughout your COMPLETE engagement, you'll get TARGETED COACHING on how to present yourself to the admissions committee:

  • THE PRIME ASSESSMENT - a detailed report analyzing your profile against the key dimensions schools care about (a $950 value, not available separately)
  • THE TARGETING-YOUR-SCHOOL DOWNLOAD - New this season! A separate Essay Kick-Off consult where you'll learn exactly what needs to go in the essays for the school you're applying to, with clear guidance on how to structure them (a $950 value, not available separately)
  • COMPREHENSIVE essay content coaching and full critiques - minimum five thorough iterations on strategy (minimum $1,995 value)
  • MULTIPLE interview readiness sessions - full prep, plus a mock interview and critique (a $495 value)
  • EXTENSIVE resume feedback - make your resume the strongest its ever been! (a $495 value)
  • GO/NO-GO REVIEW - at a critical juncture in the process, you'll get honest advice as to whether you'll be successful, and an inexpensive option to redirect your efforts to a more appropriate target mid-project if your first application is not coming together (a $495 value)
  • THE PRIME METHODOLOGY for best practices in developing your application - includes guidelines and resources on securing POWERFUL LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION, DEVELOPING IMPACTFUL ESSAYS, and overall MBA PROJECT PLANNING tips (provided only to COMPLETE clients - not available separately)

  • IMPROVED WRITING SKILLS through detailed, written critiques
  • STRONGER PRESENTATION SKILLS and better verbal communications abilities
  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE that can only come through extensive preparation and practice
  • SOLID ADVICE from an experienced PRIME consultant who's done this for years

(package value: over $5,500)

EACH ADDITIONAL SCHOOL: $1,995 (value: almost $3,400)
Number of schools
Target schools (if known)
Our most aggressive consulting package for the most motivated candidates.

  • UNLIMITED consulting - apply to as many schools as you like!
  • UNLIMITED essay reviews
  • UNLIMITED mock interviews
  • PRIORITY SERVICE - fastest turnaround on essay reviews
With the ·UNLIMITED· package, you get everything in PRIME for MBA® COMPLETE… times n. Unlimited support on as many applications as you want in one admissions season. An opportunity to dramatically increase your writing and presentation skills. Go/No-Go assessments on each application. Extensive interview prep and coaching, plus waitlist support if it comes to that.

price: $9,995
Payment plans available
If you're interested in the COMPLETE ·UNLIMITED· admissions solution, please call us at (855) 281-8383 and a PRIME for MBA® consultant will review your profile with you at no charge, as the first step in the process.

Yes, you get the entire cost refunded to you if you do not get in!*

Discounts & Offers

Gratitude Discount
Clients with recent careers in teaching, nursing, the non-profit sector, police or the military are entitled to a 10% discount off all services (no limit).
PRIME Appreciation
Past clients: Refer a friend who signs up for a COMPLETE or ·UNLIMITED· package and you'll get a $100 American Express Gift Card as our thanks — and, your friend will get $100 off the price. If your friend signs up for any other PRIME for MBA® service, you get a $25 gift card and your friend gets $25 off.
Offers are for new clients only and cannot be combined. One discount per client.

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