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Tried before and didn't make it? You've suffered enough. Now let us help.

Getting rejected from bschool can be demoralizing and depressing.

Plus, it's expensive. You already put out a significant amount of time and effort on applying for an MBA once, and you've undoubtedly put out quite a bit of cash, too.

PRIME for MBA understands the difficult position that you're in as a reapplicant for an MBA. We can tell you what went wrong in last year's applications, and give you direct, actionable advice on how to fix the problems so that you get in this time.

PRIME for MBA has an excellent track record of helping people come back from the failure of rejection. We can help you turn your story into the success of acceptance.

We help reapplicants across the entire spectrum—for example:

We can help you diagnose the issues from last year's MBA applications, so that you have a different outcome with bschool this time. Contact us at (855) 281-8383 or to set up your reapplicant consult today!

If you're reapplying to
business school, you have
a big challenge ahead.

Prepare for success. PRIME for MBA.

What to consider if you're thinking about reapplying for an MBA:

These are just the basics in understanding what it takes for a successful reapplication. If you didn't make it in last year and you want to discuss how to put together a winning strategy to reapply to business school, contact PRIME for MBA at (855) 281-8383, or send an email to to set up a consultation.
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