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Two Stories

  • Sammy had great potential.
    Sammy came to us for a profile evaluation. Indian female engineer, decent academics, 720 GMAT. 4 years work experience, first in a family business, then as an Internet entrepreneur. We pointed out some challenges (oversubscribed candidate pool as Indian engineer) and opportunities (female, entrepreneurial mindset, strong GMAT) and advised her to go for the top schools. She did. But she did it alone.

    Outcomes? In her own words:

    "I had applied to HBS, NYU, Darden, USC, UC-Irvine, Penn State, Univ of Minnesota, Rotman. Well, here's the results: HBS,NYU,Darden-rejcted. All other places: received I/V invites. withdrew my application from USC, Rotman-These were too expensive and my financial scenario is not too strong. accepted at all other places. Joining Penn State-have been awarded a full tuition waiver."
    At her request, we went through the essays that didn't win. We found multiple issues with positioning, message, even grammar and punctuation. Avoidable errors. Errors in writing and presentation. Errors that PRIME for MBA could have helped her with.

    After seeing our remarks, she commented, "Well, whats done is done. But, I can always improve in the future...Who knows where this advice may help me!"

    We can only be left feeling disappointed on her behalf. "If only…!"

  • Ryan was also unsuccessful when trying on his own.
    Ryan had a low GPA: only a 2.86, though it was at a good school, and a difficult subject (electrical engineering), which helped to offset it a little. He wanted to transition from technology to finance. He took the GMAT and scored a 680 and applied to a bunch of schools. He got interviewed at Haas but didn't get in, and was rejected everywhere else. He didn't know why. Part of it was being an American male with poor stats; he didn't stand out, even with some interesting elements of his profile. He sought out some help. Being a reapplicant makes things harder, and his consultant had her work cut out.

    Outcomes? The next admissions season, Ryan was accepted at three bschools in the top 15 (including Haas), with a full-ride scholarship offered at one. Which, of course, he took.

    This is what he said about everything later:

    "I thought you should know that your advice throughout my b-school process has been unparalleled. It's your ability to point out weaknesses, unclear arguments, ineffective selling points, annoying/cutsey writing that tries to stick out of the norm but comes off as unprofessional, and of course the qualities each particular school is looking for that might be lacking in an essay. Other consultants tend to tint my writing with a slight arrogance and philosophical meandering I'm not sure is effective in these essays.

    "So anyway, keep up the good work! It must be satisfying to do what you do so well and see candidate after candidate realize their dream of getting into a top school."

  • These stories illustrate what can happen when you go it alone.
    What will your story be?

The ROI question is about...
will you get in on your own?

Is it more important that you be sitting in any bschool classroom next fall? Or are you most concerned with getting into the very best program you possibly can?

Many people make it into top MBA programs each year without admissions consulting. Unfortunately, many highly qualified candidates are also turned away, simply because their essays didn't highlight the important aspects of their candidacy, or they inadvertently sent the wrong message with how they wrote about themselves. That's a terrible price to pay. Are you an expert in what business schools look for in their applicants? We are. We can guide you.

A top MBA program will cost upwards of $150,000. An investment of less than 2% of that amount now can significantly increase your odds of getting in. It can also accelerate the process. Starting with PRIME for MBA consulting with your Round 1 application can mean that you get offers at the schools you love within just months &emdash; rather than gearing back up again for Round 2 applications. For some people, it can even shave a year off the process. (If Ryan had gotten help with his first applications, he would likely have started at bschool a full year earlier.)

Prepare for success. PRIME for MBA.

"I'VE JUST BEEN ACCEPTED TO COLUMBIA!!!!! I'm still in shock, but I wanted to let you know the great news and thank you for all of your help through this process."
former client & 2011 Columbia graduate

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