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Three Truths About Getting an MBA

  • Getting into a top-tier MBA program is hard.
    A lot goes into an application — GMAT, GPA, work history, career goals. How do they interact? Does a strength in one area balance out a weakness in another? It's a lot to make sense of. And those essays…
  • Getting through a top-tier MBA program is hard.
    Besides the heavy course load, the serious quant skills needed, and reading all those cases, there's a fair amount of writing involved.
  • Writing the admissions essays is the hardest part of the MBA application process.
    If you've already started to tackle the essays, you know: it can be a real struggle. We understand. For almost ten years now, we've been helping clients hone their messaging to create successful pitches to the best business schools in the world. We can help you get there, too.

    If you don't know how to present yourself well on paper now, getting into bschool will be hard — and succeeding in bschool (and beyond) will be even harder. Working together, we can fix that.

A different approach to admissions.

Not only will you develop the strongest application you possibly can with PRIME for MBA — and get honest advice on your chances for success — but you'll also improve your key business skills of writing and presentation. You will come away from your intensive PRIME for MBA engagement with insights and knowledge, having grown as a person as a result of the experience.

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and do it ethically

You need a basic level of proficiency in math and writing in order to succeed in the challenging bschool environment. You will not be able to learn these skills in business school; you are expected to build on them. Most MBA programs don't offer any writing courses (a deficiency we hope will be addressed in the coming years). You can learn all about discounted cash flows and net present value and betas and Excel models, but you aren't likely to get direct feedback on your writing abilities in any bschool classroom. PRIME for MBA fills that gap.

We coach you through the essay writing process, so you gain valuable skills you can put to use immediately — and you can be proud, knowing that you wrote every word of your essays yourself.

Be more effective in your career

After working with hundreds of applicants over the years, we have discovered that many young professionals have extreme difficulty with writing. If the essays are this challenging now, are you really prepared to advance in your career?

Achieve success where you have not before

Reapplicants to business school have the biggest challenge. If you didn't make it in last year, PRIME for MBA can give you every needed advantage in trying again for your MBA.

"What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?"

The admissions committees want you to "introduce yourself" to them. What exactly is the most important element to convey? And how should you do so in the often constrained space of just a few essays? Even more important: Who can you rely on to help navigate these ever-changing requirements? From Dee Leopold, Admissions Director at Harvard?
"Here's some more advice. As you explore websites, chatrooms, books and information sessions held by MBA consulting services, be mindful of claims of 'inside information' from former members of admissions boards. I've been on the HBS Board for a (very!) long time and I can't begin to tell you how much has changed. Applicants are certainly smart to explore the admissions processes at different schools but, speaking for HBS, be careful about very specific advice that may not reflect current practices. This includes application advice from our own loyal and well-meaning alumni/ae!."
PRIME for MBA leverages our years of experience watching these changes at HBS and the other top schools to guide our clients to focus on what works. You will learn how to develop your MBA application theme and distill your message in a way that communicates the strongest to your audience.

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PRIME for MBA can get you a leg up in building these skills now — and you might also end up with an offer from Wharton as a result of your work with us.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!!! I seriously don't know what I would have done with out your guidance, coaching, and expertise!!"

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